Clients who are looking for a personalized fitness program will benefit from working with one of our certified personal trainers. We’ll work with you to develop a program based on your fitness goals and schedule.

Working out with a trainer will ensure that you’re doing the right exercises with proper form, and progressing towards your goals. Most importantly, a trainer will keep you motivated and accountable!


Emilee Hajdu

emileeEmily Hajdu is an ISSA certified personal trainer and a graduate of Moravian College with a focus in Business Management. Her passion and love for fitness became paramount after the birth of her second child, when she realized that healthy living allowed her to become a better mother.

Emilee believes that everyone has the ability to make time for fitness and to maintain a healthy balance between a workout routine and sensible nutrition. Her multi-faceted approach to personal training is to help her clients achieve a balanced lifestyle. This approach is based on needs, desires, and availability, focusing on the mind-body connection. After all, physical strength equals mental strength. Emilee incorporates an array of training to keep each session fun and interesting, yet extremely productive.

“I enjoy motivating and challenging my clients. You are stronger than you think, sometimes you just need a little push.” Emilee is passionate about sharing the gift of empowerment. “As women we should be supporting each other, lifting each other up. We are stronger collectively than alone.” -Emilee